Ethiopia and Canada Strengthen Partnership on Peace and Development
Edited by : Gezahegn Mekonnen Demissie -5/14/2024
Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, H.E. Ambassador Taye Atskeselase-Selassie, welcomed Canada's Minister of International Development, Hon. Ahmed Hussen, in a meeting today aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation. This significant engagement underscores the commitment of both nations to foster sustainable growth and mutual prosperity through collaboration in key areas such as peacebuilding, development, and economic opportunities. During the discussions, Ambassador Taye Atskeselase-Selassie and Minister Ahmed Hussen explored various avenues to deepen their partnership. The meeting highlighted the following key points: - Peacebuilding Initiatives: Both ministers emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. They discussed potential joint initiatives to support conflict resolution, strengthen democratic institutions, and promote social cohesion in Ethiopia and the surrounding region. - Development Projects: The dialogue covered a range of development projects that could benefit from enhanced cooperation. Topics included infrastructure development, healthcare improvement, and educational programs designed to uplift underserved communities in Ethiopia. - Economic Opportunities: Recognizing the potential for economic growth, the ministers explored ways to boost trade and investment between the two countries. They discussed opportunities for Canadian businesses to engage in Ethiopia’s emerging markets and for Ethiopian products to gain better access to Canadian markets. Minister Hussen expressed Canada’s readiness to support Ethiopia’s efforts towards achieving its developmental goals. He reiterated Canada’s commitment to providing technical assistance and financial support to key sectors, particularly those that align with Ethiopia's strategic development plans. Ambassador Taye Atskeselase-Selassie acknowledged Canada’s valuable contributions and stressed the importance of sustained international cooperation. He highlighted Ethiopia’s ongoing reforms and the country’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for foreign investment and international partnerships. This meeting marks a significant step forward in Ethiopia-Canada relations. By focusing on peacebuilding, development, and economic collaboration, both nations are poised to achieve greater heights in their bilateral relationship. The strengthened partnership not only aims to benefit the people of Ethiopia and Canada but also to contribute positively to regional and global stability. The discussions concluded with a mutual agreement to continue dialogue and explore further areas of cooperation. Both ministers expressed optimism about the future of Ethiopia-Canada relations and committed to working together to achieve shared objectives.