Canadian Embassy Expresses Alarm Over Civilian Deaths in Amhara Region, Urges Dialogue for Lasting Peace
Edited by : Gezahegn Mekonnen Demissie -2/14/2024
In a recent statement, the Embassy of Canada has voiced profound concern regarding the tragic loss of civilian lives in the Amhara region. Stressing the paramount importance of safeguarding civilian populations, the Embassy emphasized the fundamental principles of humanitarian law. Highlighting the imperative for dialogue as a pathway to achieving enduring peace, the Embassy echoed sentiments shared by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (@EthioHRC). Emphasizing the need for constructive engagement and mediation, they underscored dialogue as the most effective means to bring about a sustainable resolution to conflicts within the nation. The Embassy's remarks reflect a growing international call for immediate action to protect vulnerable communities and foster peaceful resolutions to ongoing conflicts. As the situation in the Amhara region continues to unfold, the Embassy of Canada remains committed to supporting efforts aimed at promoting peace, stability, and the protection of human rights in Ethiopia.