Tizita Takes Center Stage: Immigrant Filmmakers Shine at 'New Horizons' Screening in Toronto's TIFF Lightbox
Edited by : sosina ashenafi -4/20/2024
New Horizons: Immigrant Filmmakers Shine at TIFF Lightbox. In a dynamic celebration of Canada's multicultural landscape, Skills for Change, in collaboration with TIFF Community Impact, unveiled "New Horizons: Diverse Voices of Canada" at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto's vibrant entertainment district on Friday, April 19. This pioneering event offered an immersive journey into the immigrant experience through the artistry of filmmaking. Highlighting the evening was the screening of six captivating short films, including "Tizita," a moving documentary penned and directed by Gezahegn Mekonnen Demissie, an esteemed Ethiopian filmmaker, writer, and journalist. The audience was transported into the intricate narratives of immigrant, refugee, and first-generation individuals, as depicted through a diverse range of cinematic expressions. Attendees were treated to a complimentary viewing of these thought-provoking films, each offering a unique perspective on identity, family dynamics, and the immigrant journey in Canada. From poetic reflections to animated explorations, the lineup showcased the rich tapestry of storytelling inherent in the immigrant experience. Following the screening, a moderated discussion provided an intimate insight into the creative processes and personal journeys of select filmmakers, including Demissie. This interactive session facilitated a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives shaping Canada's cultural landscape and underscored the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunities. "New Horizons" stands as a beacon of intercultural understanding and appreciation, uniting communities in celebration of Canada's multiculturalism. By amplifying immigrant voices like Demissie's, the event champions the importance of diversity and creates a platform for dialogue and connection.