Media Powerhouses Unite: Ethiopian Media Council and National Dialogue Commission Join Forces Ahead of Key National Discussions
Edited by : Gezahegn Mekonnen Demissie -2/20/2024
In the lead-up to the much-anticipated national dialogue, the Ethiopian Media Council and the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission have formed a formidable alliance, acknowledging the critical role of media platforms in shaping the conversation. Mesfin Araya (Prof.), at the helm of the Commission, underscores the indispensable contribution of media experts in ensuring the dialogue's efficacy. He stresses the imperative of collective efforts to ensure inclusivity, bridging diverse segments of society. Amare Aregawi, chairperson of the Media Council, highlights the Commission's authoritative mandate in catalyzing solutions for Ethiopia's longstanding issues. Together, their focus is on devising strategies to harness media for heightened public involvement, including initiatives to bolster journalist capabilities. The Media Council, a voluntary regulatory body, represents media entities and journalists nationwide. Meanwhile, the Commission, established in 2022, is steadfast in its mission to cultivate inclusive dialogue to confront Ethiopia's enduring challenges. With the agenda-setting phase of the dialogue looming, the Commission is actively enlisting stakeholders from all walks of life to partake in this transformative national discourse.